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Welcome to Chris James – Stage Hypnotists, Comedy Hypnotist, Mind Reader Shows and Pickpocket


An all round entertainer, Chris is equally at ease performing as a Comedy Stage Hypnotist, Pickpocket, or Mind Reader, entertaining and exciting audiences. Chris has a versatile style performing shows that are remembered and appreciated at corporate events and company functions, private events and parties across the world.

Chris has the flexibility and enthusiasm to ensure that your show is not only enjoyable but completely unique. If you think that all mind readers and stage hypnotists are the same, Chris will undoubtedly show that there is more to being comedy hypnotist than having a website that claims that you are. Chris has over 20 years of experience as an entertainer and stage hypnotist, with the ability, flexibility and capacity to adapt each performance as an art in its own right, mastered by a select few.


The Mind Show does not contain any hypnosis; using all the senses Chris will entertain audiences with psychological demonstrations that are interactive and captivating but above all entertaining.

Chris has the ability to adapt his show to suit the audience, an art in its own right, often copied but never rivalled by many other hypnotists, mind reader and close up corporate entertainers.

Imagine thinking of a scene in your head and Chris accurately drawing the same picture, or witnessing even more amazing spectacles like you drawing pictures yourself or receiving the thoughts of others in the audience.


Chris uses an interactive style of performance that makes sure that everyone participates and no one feels left out of the show. This is perfectly complimented by a light hearted, engaging brand of comedy that immediately puts the audience at ease makes the show about them. Chris builds each show around his audience, using his vast experience to adapt his performance where necessary. This means that, while no show is ever played the same way twice, each audience is entertained, amused, captivated and enchanted in equal measure by one of the best all round entertainers performing in the world of hypnotism today.


If you are looking for a unique, dynamic performance and would like to book Chris as a corporate entertainer or night, contact us and arrange a truly distinctive comedy stage show that never fails to amaze, get your info pack today. From hypnotists to mind readers and more, you can be sure of a show packed with intrigue, excitement and entertainment from start to finish.

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