Mind Control - Levitation - Telepathy - Pickpocket - Psychological Thief

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Interactive & Captivating

Being truly impressive to witness, it means no one is left out of the show

Using all the senses Chris will entertain audiences with psychological demonstrations that are interactive and captivating but above all entertaining.

The Mind Show

This show does not contain any hypnosis

Imagine thinking of a scene , Chris accurately drawing the same picture, or Chris stealing the thoughts of others in the audience numbers, dates , names ?

30 years of Experience

Ability, flexibility and capacity to adapt each performance as an art in its own right

Chris has the flexibility and enthusiasm to ensure that your show is not only enjoyable but completely unique. His goal to exceed your expectations.

How much does it cost ?

Quality diversity and experience are priceless.

Mind Control, Telepathy, Pickpocket Psychological Illusion, Levitation Hypnotic Fun. Booked and Rebooked, clients UK Europe and Worldwide