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Stage Hypnotist Spectacular

For a unique, entertaining and dynamic experience that will have you on the edge of your seat, Chris James is renowned throughout the UK for the quality of his shows. Having wowed audiences with shows such as “The Mind Show” and “Mysteries of the Mind” Chris now brings some of the most impressive performances to you as a stage hypnotist that can amaze even the most sceptical of viewers. The approach Chris brings as an experienced and talented stage hypnotist is highly versatile, and this is where his background as an entertainer with over 20 years of performing to various audiences and venues comes to the fore. Quite simply, Chris couldn’t have survived this long in the industry without a huge degree of natural enthusiasm for the art of entertainment, and this something that is clearly evident in his enjoyable and engaging shows as a stage hypnotist, mind reader and pickpocket the corporate favourite. Each show is designed to suit the audience for maximum impact, entertainment and value, and before each booking Chris will discuss the show thoroughly with prospective clients so that they get the best possible experience. For that reason, the timing varies widely between shows, and it is difficult to put an exact time on how long each show may last – we certainly suggest no less than 45 minutes to allow an audience to immerse themselves fully. All performances are carried out within the scope and regulations set down by the Federation of Ethical Stage Hypnotists (FESH), whose code of conduct ensures that all shows are carried out in a light hearted and ethical manner. Audiences can enjoy the performance at a relaxed pace and with a sense of safety and security – after all, Chris designs his shows to be fun and engaging above anything else! Whilst many people may have misgivings about hypnotism, in fact is a state of mind that many of us experience many times every day, where the subconscious side of the mind becomes more proactive, accepting and responding to stimuli such as positive suggestion. Chris James was fascinated from an early age by this process, and today practices the art of stage hypnotism to delight audiences of all ages and mixes. For a fully interactive, audience-participation show that’s impossible to beat, let Chris James dazzle and amaze you in a fun, relaxed atmosphere where the audience becomes the...
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